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We have the creative staff to design great looking awards.  Our trophy's are not only tops in quality, but we can produce custom designed plaques to give your trophy's that personalized look.  Our award plaques are equally creative, and we use the latest technology to produce our plaques.  We can also create other customized awards just for you, whether it be number plates or clocks, our awards can be individualized to meet your needs.

Just send us an e-mail outlining your requirements, including type of apparel, color, and quantity of each size. Also give us any design concepts that you want to be printed on the apparel, along with printing instructions, i.e. design printed on one or both sides, or do you want a small left chest design on the front and the full sized design on the back.  For awards, give us a general idea of what you want, trophy, plaque, number plate, clock, or any other idea.  Provide the design, or design idea, plus content that you want on the award. Let us know how large of an award, and if it's trophy's, how many pillars do you want. and do you want a small special event plaque incorporated into the trophy.  Plaques come in various sizes, so give us a general idea of what size plaque that you want.  Also include your sponsors if you want them printed on the apparel or any awards.

Once we receive your preliminary inquiry, we will contact you for any additional information that we need.  The design and reproduction process does take a little time, so make sure that your inquiry is far enough in advance to insure delivery before you scheduled event.  We will give you an estimate of the cost and completion date.

 Give us a call at 352-242-2647 if you have any questions.