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We can provide the very best race track designers and builders in the United States to build you a custom track just for you.  Whether it be a motocross, supercross, arenacross, pit bike, or pee wee track, our professionals can deliver the track of your dreams in just a matter of a few days.  All of our operators have at least 1000 hours of equipment experience, and most have been involved in designing and building some of the best tracks in the United States, and some cases the world.

Our track builders are responsive to your needs and desires, and can be available when and where you want them.  In most cases our team will need to fly in and lease heavy equipment in your area.  We have found this method to be more be time and cost efficient.  Of course, if you're within a reasonable distance from our equipment resources, we may use our own equipment, but in most cases it's not cost effective.

The equipment that we use to build your track will depend on the track layout and type of obstacles that you want.  You may have a basic design in mind, and our designers will try to accommodate you in every way possible, but we do insist on building a safe, yet challenging track.  The track is usually made from the dirt that exists on the property already, and if you feel a need to haul dirt from other locations, you are looking at a significant increase in the cost of your track.  Our operators are skilled in using the existing resources without leaving any gapping holes in the property.

If you are serious about wanting a track, we'd like you to complete the following questionnaire for us.  Provide as much information as possible, and send pictures of the property to us via separate email.

Click on this photo to see other tracks constructed by our track builders



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