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Most all  of use have been to a race track that doesn't utilize the traditional backward falling starting gate.  They may use a rubber band start, or a flag, and I even raced at a track that used a traffic signal light to start the race.  I think it's a proven face that the backward falling gate is the fairest starting gate that's been designed so far.  While they're not exactly cheap, they can help to hold on to those racers that are not impressed with a starting method other than backward falling starting gate.  They pay for for themselves over time.  There are two type of backward falling starting gates, the manual reset gate and the hydraulic restart gate.  Obviously the hydraulic gate is much easier to reset, and will probably be your only option if you have 25 to 40+ gates. 

Another decision you will have to make before installing gates is whether or not you want a concrete starting pad.  Many tracks us a concrete starting pad, but the majority do not.  It obviously saves a lot of time in grooming the starting pad area, but some riders would rather start on a dirt surface, and depending on the make-up of the dirt, they will probably get more traction on dirt. 

Of course, you will have to construct a starter hut to hide the starter from the racers, so the racers can not see the starter trip the gates.  This can be as simple as a couple of 4 x 8 sheets of plywood, or you can build a small starters shack with a roof to protect the starter from the elements.  I would suggest the latter.

There is one other decision that needs to be made, and that is to construct a roof over the starting gate area.  This is another expense, but it's relatively simple to construct, and can save the riders from over heating in hot weather.  To me, sitting in staging and on the starting line can have a devastating effect on my performance on the track.  Yes, you want to be warmed up, but you don't want to be on the verge of heat stroke.


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