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If you're running motocross races you know the problems associated with keeping score.  Most tracks run some kind of a series now and then, which makes the scoring and record keeping even more difficult.  There are some great products on the market, which have been developed just for motocross applications.  Some of these products are highly sophisticated, and include transponder scoring and real-time results posting.  If you're looking for a scoring system, just give us a call to discuss your requirements, and we will hook you up with a system that will meet your every need, whether it be some scorekeeping software, or a complete scoring system with transponders.

One such system is the MYLAPS MX Timing System, previously the AMBmx System, provides you with a simple, accurate and reliable timing solution for motocross, enduro, snocross and more. We offer a variety of business solutions, making the system affordable for any organization, from professional to club level.

For practice timing

As a club or track owner, you can install the system as a permanent and fully automated timing solution for practice sessions:

  • Scoreboards can be placed • along your track, providing drivers with direct feedback, including lap times and lap counts

  • Connected to the internet, the • system automatically and instantly uploads results to mylaps.com, providing riders with online data they can use to analyze and improve their performance.


• Easy to setup and operate
• Event timing managed by one or two people
• Fully automated practice timing

For event timing

As a timekeeper, event organizer, club or track owner, you can use the our timing system to:

  • Prepare entry lists

  • Collect race data, including rider identification, lap times and number of laps

  • Process, print and publish official event results

  • Upload event results to server software


• High accuracy
• Unquestionable results

Our references

The MYLAPS MX Timing Sytem has proven its technology during the years and is nowadays used by many clubs and events worldwide:

  • World Championship MX1

  • World Championship MX 2

  • European Championship

  • WEC


• World leader in sports timing
• Proven technology
• Dedicated service and support team

Timing System Components

This Timing System, previously the AMBmx System, includes hardware and software components, providing you with a complete solution for simple, accurate and reliable timekeeping.

In addition to these standard system components, you can also extend your system with our
modular add-ons. For further information regarding the add-ons.

MX Transponder

The transponder, installed on each MX, sends a unique signal to the detection loop to:

  • Identify the rider

  • Record the exact time at which the MX passed the detection loop


MX Dtection Loop

  • Works as the system antenna to receive all transponder signals.
  • The detection loop is embedded at the finish line and all other timing points installed at the track.

MX Decoder

  • Attached to the detection loop, it decodes the transponder signal into the driver’s ID and the exact time that the driver crossed the finish line.
  • When the decoder is in practice mode and is connected to the internet, the decoder publishes all practice results directly to server software.

Timing Software

Timing Software, can be installed on your computer and allows you to generate results:

  • Set up the system
  • Prepare entry lists for each race
  • Process, print and publish official event results
  • Upload event results directly to the server.

For further information, please contact us at 352-242-2647, or e-mail us a lou@prosportsusa.com