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Irrigation is an important part of you track construction, and can be accomplished in two different ways.  First, you can install irrigation piping and pumps, or you can invest in a water truck.  With most tracks being in rural area's, your water will more than likely have to be acquired from an on property well.  If this is the case, the well or well's should be dug in advance of constructing the track, and in fact would be one of the first things you do on the property.  In most states, if you are drilling a water or geothermal well on your own property, it will not require a license, however, it's best to check first before you start.  Most well digging rigs are quite expensive, but if you want to do it yourself, there are some relatively inexpensive drill motors and bits that are capable of digging up to 100 feet.  You can find information on drilling your own well, and the equipment to do it at a website called How to Drill a Well

When you drill your well and install your piping, holding tank, and pump, make sure that the equipment that you've chosen has the capacity to feed your track irrigation system, if you plan on building one.  Chances are that you may need approvals from you local or state water management agencies for a high capacity well.

If you do install a track irrigation system, you need to consider the effects that wind will have on the water being sprayed on the track.  High winds will blow your water in the direction of the wind, and you may get very little water on the track.  The on track irrigation system works best at night when the wind is usually at it lightest.  You'll also need to use heavy duty agricultural type sprinkler heads.

The use of a water truck to water your track has it's advantages in that the water is placed where you want it.  The disadvantages are the cost of a water truck and the maintenance costs, plus you will probably need several trip to the water take on area.  There are lots of surplus places scattered around the country where you can pickup water truck fairly cheap, but most of them will need work.  You will also need to install additional pumps and watering nozzles so you can spray water to the sides, since your truck may not make it over some of the jumps or whoop sections.  Some of the military 6-wheel drive watering trucks are ideal.

Please call us at 352-242-2647, or email us with any questions or if you want additional information.