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ProSports USA will compile all of the equipment you need to install a Public Address System at your track.  Give us the layout of your track and pit area, and we will select the best products for your particular layout.

All to often I've been at a race track that you can barely hear the announcements, and that's before the bikes are started.  Forget about it once the practice or races are running. 

You must have a powerful enough amplifier to drive your speakers, and the speakers must be matched with your amplifier.  We also recommend a good remote microphone system, so your announcer can move around, and get down where the action is.

PA Amplifier

Outdoor Speakers             Wireless Microphones

Speaker Wire

Click here to send us an e-mail with your requirements, and don't forget to attach a drawing of your track to the e-mail.  The drawing doesn't have to be fancy, just outline the track and pit area, and include any structures or poles that can be used to attach the speakers.  A few photos of the area may also be helpful.  Give us a call at 352-242-2647 if you have any questions.  Also, don't forget to include your contact information.